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Sad Songs

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

I was almost at work this morning when the song Abraham, Martin and John came on Sirius. Going through the parking garage, the signal cut out and I was forced to sing it by myself. I continued singing (to myself) as I walked out of the garage and, as usual, started to get choked up. It got me thinking about songs that always make me cry, so I decided to write them down. There are several early ones that have affected me for decades. The Green Berets is a good example. I swear, I can’t not cry at the end of that one. Then there’s Old Rivers. I think it’s sung by Walter Brennan. I get misty just thinking about that one.

A Friend of Mine is Going Blind by John Dawson Reed. A real tear-jerker. I keep wondering what the story is behind it, and who Tommy Davidson is. I googled it once, but didn’t find an answer. Those are the most heart-rending songs I can think of, but here are a couple of second-string songs that always get me: Big Bad John and El Paso. More will probably come to me, but those are all I can think of for now.

What about you? What songs always get you?

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